Some asshole stole the back wheel off my bike yesterday.

I came back from my first indoor frisbee tournament, and when I got to my bike I saw that it was curiously low to the ground in the back. It took me a few seconds, but I eventually realized that the back wheel was gone. I kicked the space where the tire SHOULD have been a few times, just to make sure that it was really gone. It was. I absently kicked it once or twice more, but it didn’t magically reappear.

I had locked the front wheel to the body of the bike, and both of these to the bike rack, so I guess that’s why I’m only missing one wheel instead of the whole bike. But somehow it’s even MORE insulting to have this disfigured, cripple of a bike. It’s like instead of someone kidnapping your baby, they just amputated a leg and put him back in the stroller.

Okay, well maybe not like that. But close.

Who would do such a thing? I asked a Dutch colleague of mine, “Who would go through the effort of detaching JUST the back wheel from the gears so that they could have ONE bike wheel?”

“Goddamned immigrants.”

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[…] “It’ll be okay.” I tell myself. “I’ll be back in two and a half hours, who is stealing bikes at 9:00am?” […]

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