I was sitting in the lobby of the Imperium casino in Moscow, waiting for the complimentary car service for losers, when I noticed something peculiar.

I was sitting in front of a row of connected slot machines all with a “Battleship” theme. Now, having grown up with Battleship, this aroused certain nostalgic feelings in me. I was watching the flat-screen TV above the slots, passing the time, and here’s the scene it was showing:

  1. A bird’s-eye view of a fleet of ships and an aircraft carrier steaming through the ocean.
  2. A group of fighter jets swooping down from the sky coming menacingly toward the camera
  3. A view from the deck of the ship as the jets approach
  4. View from behind the anti-aircraft guns as they try to line up the incoming jets in their sights. The guns flare and track the jets as they pass by, and at the last second the sights and the jet line up and there is a satisfying explosion.
  5. Cut to a view from just beyond the ships, the flaming jet smashes into the water, bounces as it disintegrates and throws up a huge plume of water into the camera.

After watching this animation twice I noticed something. The jets were American made F-15s.

Hey! What’s wrong with this picture? WE’RE the bad guys!?

That’s cultural differences for you.

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