Busy weekend. (Skip all this shit and go straight to the pictures)

AnmolFirst we decided on Friday night that it would be fun to stay in a hotel in Rotterdam, so Ann called up and got us a room at the Hilton for the night. Friday night we had probably the worst Indian food of our lives at India Paradise, which was a recommendation from my MBA buddy Anmol (pictured at right). Thanks Anmol.

We spent Saturday roaming around Rotterdam looking for museums to go into. Ann and I bought these discount cards for the museums when we first got to the Netherlands (almost a year ago, my god), and so we were trying to squeeze all the value out of them we could before they expired. We went to the Maritime Museum (so so), the Dutch Photo Museum (which had ‘modern art’ photos of ugly naked people and other assorted weirdness), and the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, which was pretty good.

Art by R. CrumbBoijmans had a small collection of old Dutch masters, impressionists, surrealists, and abstract painters. My personal favorite was the Print Room. They had a display on Robert Crumb that was just hilarious. If you are ever stuck in Rotterdam and can’t get out, this is a decent place to pass a few hours.

Gentse FeestenSunday we took the train to Gent (in Belgium) to see the Gentse Feesten (Gent Festival). This is a HUGE festival. They close off the city center, fill it with stalls of all sorts, and then put up about nine stages around the city, all with free entertainment. Street performers, food stands, tons of alcohol, and it goes on for TEN DAYS STRAIGHT. Really, an amazing experience. The Belgians know how to have a good time, that’s for sure.

Brian, Heidi, and Tim Gent

Ann and HeidiWe met up with Ann’s friend Heidi (pictured here) and some of her classmates from her MA program (Tim and Thomas, who gave me a good lesson on the intricacies of the Tour de France. Go Lance.) and walked around, stopping at cafes for beers and caipirinha’s, listening to a great ska/funk/latin band called Wawadadakwa.

Antwerp CentraalOn the way home, Ann, who loves architectural details, decided we needed a picture of the inside of the Antwerp Centraal train station. So here it is. Please enjoy it fully.

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