The Table of Contents was in bad shape tonight. We only had three players and were missing key elements of our knowledge base such as sports, all things relating to the Netherlands, and music. Plus, the picture round was a collage of famous Scandinavians. Seeing as we had no Scandinavian expert, and since “famous Scandinavians” is an oxymoron, we conceded to suck at that round.

We finished with 49 points. 13th out of 17 teams. But that’s a little over 16 points per person, which is better than our last showing, which, although scored 66 points, did so with five people, yielding only a fraction more than 13 points per person. So that’s something. Also, major props have to be given to Ian (again) who spent an entire round remembering who the Roman god of the underworld was (Pluto) and pulled out of his ass the name of the police officer in the Top Cat comic strip (Dibble).

Interesting points in the evening:

  • Ian (raised Catholic) convincing Brian (also raised Catholic) that Jesus underwent four temptations by the Devil. I originally put down three, but acquiesced since Ian is Irish and I figured he had to have been more Catholic than I ever was
  • Ian’s answer to “What does Victoria’s Secret sell?”: wet dreams
  • Missing the exact date of the invasion of the Netherlands by the Germans by five days (May 10, 1940)
  • Jose Marti airport is in Cuba
  • 65% of women claimed to not enjoy their first time having sex (we guessed 45% since there was a 5% cushion). Ian originally suggested 90%, which would have been funnier (or sad, if you were deflowered by Ian)
  • Getting only three out of a possible twenty points on the song round
  • Getting nine out of ten on the last round
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