What an amazing world we live in.

Flight 292Communications technology continues to astound me in the way it affects our lives. In my lifetime I watched as the Berlin wall was cut down. I watched the Twin Towers fall. I watched tanks roll through the Iraqi desert in real time.

But if I had been on JetBlue flight 292, I could have seen the drama of my own plane crash as it unfolded.

Thankfully, none were hurt and now these people have some footage to go with that story they’ll be telling the rest of their lives.

What will be the next amazing live TV event? I don’t know, but if I miss it at least I know I can see the reruns.

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Jenn · September 23, 2005 at 6:49 pm

What I want to know is – why the hell did the airline subject the passengers to the disturbing news coverage of their own possibly doomed flight? I would imagine that in a situation where you are trying to keep hundreds of people calm – it would be wise not to have them viewing the press’ speculation on what might go wrong.

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