Been so busy now that school started that I didn’t get a chance to immediately post the results of the Table of Contents’ last showing at the pub quiz.

3rd place!!!

In case you weren’t keeping track, that’s the best we’ve ever done. We had a full complement of five players, including Ksenia from my MBA program, who is Russian, and who missed the answer to “largest landlocked country”: Kazakhstan. She did give us the correct answer for the longest river in Russia though, so we forgive her.

Again, Ian kicked ass, or rather he pulled answers out of it. Like the name of the first Bond girl (Ursula Andreas), and others which I can’t remember since it’s 1:30am. Ann also played a major role this time, sticking to her guns on answers she knew were right, and providing us with the majority of our points in the music round.

This weeks music round we only had to name the artists. That’s because the “artists” were all celebrities. Ann recognized Joe Pesci singing “Shove It Up Your Big Fat Ass” (I’m not kidding, that’s the title), and Sylvester Stallone singing something else, and was the first one to suggest Hasselhof. Other weirdities we heard included Pope John Paul 2nd doing some Latin-religious-ska readings of the Bible, and Muhammed Ali singing Unchained Melody (lovely singing voice that man), Cybil Shepherd doing something vocally that should just never ever be broadcast ever again. I was disappointed that neither Kevin Bacon nor Bruce Willis made the cut.

We’ll see if we can keep up the pace.

The Table will not be content (ha ha) until we finish first!

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