4 Stars

I had a lot of fun at this movie.

It’s rare these days that you find a comedy that is this consistently funny, strikes the right balance between over the top gags, and has such an ensemble of high calibre actors.

The main character Andy Stitzer is played by Steve Carrell, who has a bio on IMDB that goes back to 1991, mostly TV work, but audiences will probably only remember him as Brick, the weatherman from Anchorman. The plot revolves around the discovery of Andy’s virginity, and the subsequent efforts by his coworkers to cure him of this affliction.

The real value of this movie is in the way that it overcomes being a one trick pony and actually evolves into an interesting examination of social attitudes about sex. The story, for all its humor, is ultimately believable, and draws the audience into an interesting empathy with this character on his journey to manhood. There are some serious issues that are developed (infidelity, parenthood, teenage pregnancy and sex), as well as some purely comical setups as well.

The date with the alcoholic woman who takes Andy on a death drive home, vomits on him, and then says, “I’ll still have sex with you if you want.” was one of my favorites. That, and the chest hair waxing scene.

The cast is full of real talent, including Catherine Keener as the love interest, Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks (who gets to do the most fun orgasm scene since Harry Met Sally), and Paul Rudd (yeah, Phoebe’s fiance from Friends), and a host of others.

I highly recommend this one when you are looking for a few good hours of entertainment.

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