So I took a trip back to the States just this week and here are a few highlights of my trip:

Thanks to Mark and Katrin for a fine fajita lunch the day I got in. Kira was as cute as ever, even when we were being mean and boxing her between the couch and the end table with our legs. I still feel bad that I tortured a child like that, but it was so funny to see her keep going from one side to the other, like a pinball caught between the bumpers, trying to get out, until she realized in a moment of toddler panic, that she was trapped.

Thanks to Ken and Jimmy and Mark for taking me to AC and helping me to lose all that money at poker. I guess playing poker while your body clock tells you that it’s 4am and you have been up for twenty-two hours wasn’t the best idea. I had a good time though, and it was good to be back in the emotional heart and soul of East Coast poker playing.

Thanks to Guze for losing yet another week to me at Fantasy Football. This time I actually got to watch my guys play in real time, instead of clicking on the site and reading the play-by-play.

Thanks to ken for letting me stay at his place, watch his TV, and eat all his girl scout cookies (mmmmm, Thin Mints).

Thanks to Best Buy for being there, open until 7pm on Sunday, to satisfy my insatiable lust for DVDs and techno-gadgetry. I actually had a DVD burner in my hand, and I was on the way to the cash register, when it crossed my mind that Ann would not be so happy to learn about my donation at AC and that I had bought a new toy for myself in the same breath. Better save that one for later.

Thanks to Masala grill for providing yet another savory meal, and to Ken, Guze, Allie, and Sophia for sharing it with me.

Thanks to Jen for keeping me company in New York even though I didn’t follow through on the dinner I promised her. Sorry Jen.

Thanks to Jon and Maren(sp?) for a fantastic dinner at some Chinese place whose name I can’t remember and treating me to Philly roll and spicy tuna which I haven’t had in months. Pleasure meeting you Maren. Thanks again to Jon for reminding me why “The Family Guy” should be on my BitTorrent download list and letting me watch the last episode of Rome.

It was a quick trip, I didn’t get to see everyone I had hoped to, and didn’t get to spend enough time even with those I DID see. I’m excited to go back in December and do it all over again. Except for the losing at poker part. That we will do much differently.

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Jenn · November 27, 2005 at 5:38 pm

So since Springer sprang for this trip – did you actually have time to do any work? 😉 Seems like you did nothing but socialize!

John H. Bishop · November 30, 2005 at 6:57 pm » Blog Archive » Back in the USA · December 24, 2005 at 1:06 am

[…] Adjustment period took less time this time. Probably because I was with Ann, and we were met at the arrivals hall by our good friend Mark. And the fact that I had been here just four weeks ago. […]

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