King Kong4 stars

Wow. A great movie. Not much more that I can add than what the reviewers have said, other than that the style of the film is gorgeous and they really nailed the emotion in the Kong character. Ann and I saw it together on opening night here in the Netherlands (with about fifteen other intrepid Dutch people). We both agreed that some of the early CG scenes really looked fake, but it was only for about two minutes. The ending dragged a little and I wasn’t so happy with the choice of Jack Black as the “villain” since it’s just impossible to take that guy seriously and a different actor would have been more believable. The rest of the cast was great. Those are the only reasons why this movie doesn’t get five stars.

Everything on Skull Island (most of the movie) was fantastic and the story was very well written. There is one action sequence on Skull which was just awesome, you’ll know it when you see it.

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