Another good night.

We got off to a rocky start when the pricks from the “Alpha” team took the table that we were moving toward and left us with their tiny round table. Dicks. I gathered up all their dirty dishes and sliverware and brought it over and dumped it on their table. “Here, you forgot these.”

So we have a new mission now every quiz night. Just do better than Alpha.

The place was packed. 18 teams. The picture round was bands, and Ann, Ingrid and Julia tore through it in like ten seconds. You go ladies. 10 for 10 on the picture round. The actual quiz questions started out fairly easy, but they got harder toward the end. We scored a sub-par 11/20 on the music round (but I do have to mention that I was the one who correctly identified “Who Let the Dogs Out” from the verse).

Highlights of the evening were:

  • Ann and Julia pulling “Ich bin wie du” out of their butts on the music round
  • Ian changing the name of Rolls Royce’s classic model form Silver Ghost to Silver Shadow. We had fun with that one when they read the answers. (“Silver Apparition!” “Silver Spectre”)
  • The name of Jim’s girlfirend in American Pie. I was working my way to the answer when Ann suddenly looked up and said: “What’s my name? Say my name bitch!” and there it was: Michelle. Good job baby.
  • Ann getting another Soviet-related question: Georgia’s president Shevernahdze(sp?)

Well, I can’t speak for my teammates, but my new mission every time I step in that door is to beat those Alpha fuckers. Last night we finished in 4th place with 66 points. The teams that got 1st and 2nd were basically a group that came in and sat together and just registered as two different teams. Cheaters.

The best part of the evening: Alpha came in 5th.

Karma bitches.

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Ann · January 19, 2006 at 9:07 am

You forgot to mention that the reason why we didn’t get the good table is because you and Ian were talking up some Korean girl. Anyhoo, we beat Alpha. Maybe next time we will be able to crack open the champagne.

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