Here’s an interesting quote from an AP article about Europe saying no to Iranian request for more talks:

“Even if there were consensus on sanctions, the five permanent Security Council members would be faced with a dilemma. Placing an embargo on Iran’s oil exports would hurt Tehran, which earns most of its revenues from energy sales, but also roil world crude markets, spiking prices upward.”

That’s the main question, isn’t it? How much political will is there to actually pressure Iran?

From my point of view, Ahmadinejad has calculated it and decided that the Western countries will not dare to engage in actions that will universally harm them both economically and politically.

I hope he’s wrong.

But given the choice between paying continuing premiums on gasoline because we decide to embargo Iran, or bringing down your family’s monthly costs, I think the average American will choose the latter. Iran is simply not a concern for the vast majority of Americans.

We shall see.

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