I just need to share some of the surreal conversations Brian and I have had in bed:

Conversation 1 (many years ago, early morning):
Ann: “Brian, are you awake?”
Brian: “It’s okay, I’ve transferred the data from the database.”
Ann: “???” (apparently I didn’t get the joke)

Conversation 2 (in the middle of the night)
–Snoring noises–
Ann:”Brian, you’re snoring!”
Brian: “That’s what I DO”
Ann: “I’m going to the other room”

Conversation 3 (early this morning):
Alarm Clock: “beep, beep, beep”
Ann: “Brian, can you put the alarm for 8:10?”
Brian:”flying cheeseburger”
Ann:”Brian, you just said ‘flying cheeseburger’!!??”
Brian: “Yeah, so I can set the time.”
Ann:”Okay then.”


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