Two sucky pub quizes in a row. We got 6th place BOTH times.

Last week we had a kickass picture round (movies, 10 fo 10), and we did awesome at the general trivia, but we got 7 out of 20 in the music round and that doomed us. The funniest highlight of the evening was when we were asked which of these three islands was the biggest: Zanzibar, Madagascar, Srilanka.

Immediately we eliminated Sri Lanka, but then as we were getting ready to write down “Madagascar” Ian busts out of nowhere with, “No no no, I know somebody who went to Zanzibar and said it’s huge, people don’t realize, it’s like twice the size of France.”

Now, this struck us as a little strange, I mean, when you look at maps of Africa, you can see Madagascar on the side there… but you never see “Zanzibar”.

“No no, you can’t trust the maps. They distort the shape and size of things.”

Oh. Well. Ian sure sounded like he knew what he was talking about. So, over Julia’s objections, who was still pointing at her napkin drawing of blobs and arguing that Zanzibar was actually quite small… we wrote it in as our answer.

I think we were the only team in the place that had that question wrong.

After they read out the answers, and of course it was Madagascar, we all burst out laughing about how you can’t trust the maps. They distort things. Nice one Ian. We will never let you live that one down.

As for this week, it was hard and again we sucked at the music round: 9 for 20. What can we say, we suck at music. We implemented two new rules tonight that we addressed in a Table of Contents Steering Committee Meeting (I’m not serious, we just all happened to be at lunch and talked about it). The first was that we wouldn’t immediately rush up to give our answer sheet in, since we seem to get answers wrong sometimes simply because we are too rushed to really think about them. That one we implemented pretty successfully I think.

The second new rule was “no talking during the music round”, which we did so-so at. Julia just tends to get excited, and Ingrid likes to get really exasperated and tell everyone off during the music round, so I generally just keep my mouth shut because a) I know nothing and b) I don’t want her saying nasty things to me. We’ll have to see how we do with this rule in the future.

On a final note, Ann today bought her first, and probably only, PlayStation game. She found out about a trivia game for music with 5,000 questions or so, and it should be arriving tomorrow. You go honey. Maybe we can expense it as “research”.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Better luck next week.

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