So the Table of Contents ()is among the top 17.5% of pub quiz teams in the Netherlands.

We deduce this from the fact that today we finished 35th out of 199 total participating teams. It was a fun time, even if the place was kind of a dump and there was a pall of smoke so thick you couldn’t see () one end of the room from the other. The sad part was that there were only three of the original five members of the Table there since Julia is now back in Germany and Ian is an idiot.

I did the math, and our team scored 15.75 points a person (63 points total), while the Beer Hunters (friends of ours from the quiz in Rotterdam and who we measure ourselves against) scored 14.8 points per person (74 points total). That leads me to believe that if Ian had not been a dumbass and scheduled a business trip ON THE DAY OF THE FINAL we would have scored at least ten more points and would have easily been in the top 10.

A big congratulations to the Beer Hunters (), who finished in 4th place overall, and we should mention that the team that won the entire event also came out of our pub.

Also, big thank you has to go to Jos van den Linden, who graciously joined our team at the last minute. He was a ringer for another team at our pub, Bloem, and without him we would have had an even tougher time. The questions were much much more difficult than the normal pub quiz, which could be seen from the fact that the top team only got 78.5 out of a possible 124 points, where usually the top team scores 78 out of 90 points during the weekly quiz.

Overall we had a great time. There were three picture rounds (famous people who had been altered to look obscenely fat, logos with the names removed, and paintings), three audio rounds (TV theme songs [which I kicked ass at, getting 8 out of 10], famous people’s voices, and songs), and six general trivia rounds.

We hope to be back in full force next year and secure our rightful place among the top 10 teams in the Netherlands.

Ian, you suck balls.

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Julia · March 14, 2006 at 4:00 pm

Great job girls and boys! I was sitting in the plane and send all my knowledge via telepathy to you! I think it has worked!
Nice to hear that we got support, it is a shame that Ian could not join you, and of course with my help it would have gone even better, I am sure! 🙂

I would suggest that next time I will fly to Holland again and will join you to come up to the Top Ten! 🙂
I am proud of you guys, best wishes from Germany!


Ann · March 14, 2006 at 4:29 pm

Hi Julia:
thanks for your postcard from Budapest!! Sounds like it was fun. We missed you at the finals…they even asked the questions in German, so I would have loved your reaction to that 😉

Keep checking my blog, going on my trip tomorrow. Exciting!!

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