I love it. Jessica Simpson declines to meet the President and attend the Republican fund raiser because she says she doesn’t want to politicize her favorite charity: Operation Smile.

And what does Operation Smile do you might ask? They provide plastic surgery for kids in foreign countries who are disfigured.

THAT’s what we call charity these days. Plastic surgery. Donated by, who else, a beautiful pop star.

Well, I suppose it’s better than her paying for manicures for all the poor miners in places like Mexico and China whose hands get so dirty. Or alleviating the suffering of women who have been raped and abused in Africa with free perms and dye jobs.

Irony aside, kudos to Ms Simpson for at least HAVING a charity. I don’t have any charities I endorse. Unless you call being Ken and Guze‘s friend charity. Which I do. At least I claim so on my taxes. (Charity donations are deductible you know. You just need your dorky friends to give you receipts.)

World peace. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

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