Although I hate spammers and wish for them to die slow, agonizing, tortured deaths, I have to hand it to the creative subject lines they have come up with to get past my spam filter:

  • “I’ve been grim with my proportion lately, what and you”
  • “R u ripe for the hot weather”
  • “Ur GF not satis fied with ur size?”
  • And my personal favorite: “You furious about the immensity of ur thing”

Yes, actually, I am furious about the immensity of my thing! AAAAAAHHHH! It’s so damn IMMENSE, full of immensity, and immenseness… my thing.

Damn spammers. Burn in Hell.

—– Update —–

These were so funny I had to add them:

  • “Impede the disparaging from ur wife” (I clicked on that one)
  • “Wanna make disappear ur body fat?”
  • “get a frame like the famous people”
  • “The truereal cure for losing the pounds”
  • “Are you gratified with your unit?”
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Jenn · March 19, 2006 at 2:49 am

right on. As I’ve mentioned on my blog, my favorites are the Nigerian email scammers who concoct elaborate tales of woe to convince you to fork over $10000 of your own money to in turn receive $12 million of theirs. Damn spammers.

Jeff Tripodi · April 3, 2006 at 6:29 am

Funny related story: I was in a medical anthropology seminar, and the professor assigned us an article about declining sperm count in Frenchmen over the last 45 years. Our assignment was to analyze the trend through the lens of Darwinian medicine.

The next week, he came in and passed back papers to half the class; the other half was nonplussed, adamant that they’d submitted theirs as e-mail attachments, a method the professor encouraged.

Turns out the titles of the .doc files — “Sperm_Count”, “French Sperm Study”, etc. — had been flagged and bounced by the university’s spam filter.

Never one to pass up a punchline, I asked if the next assignment was going to ask us to analyze home refinancing or OEM software.

Brian · April 3, 2006 at 4:03 pm

“Darwinian medicine”? Is that when the medecines all interact and fight with each other over scarce resources and have sex and all and then the strongest medicines kill the weakest medicines?

Sounds like a Fox TV special.

Might make an interesting reality show though. “Making the Meds”.

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