You may not know this, but I am something of an impulse buyer.

Usually that just means walking out of the gas station with a few extra bags of hard candy or potato chips, or sometimes taking a break from snowboarding and coming back with a new board. Today it meant coming home with a different bike than the one I left with.

Unfortunately, due to stupidity, I left my bike unlocked at the station this morning and some asshole stole it. The thieves must have 24/7 video surveillance, becuase it was only unguarded from 8:30 to 11:30 this morning. I was actually not as sad as I might have been (I tend to get attached to my possessions). I think the reason is that the chain was pretty much just one big piece of rust and was making an annoying whine/grinding noise with every revolution. So, it’s adios Montana, and hello new bike.

I stopped by the bike shop on the way home from work and, woulldn’t you know, they had a very nice looking mountain bike there for 250 Euro. One test ride (to the ATM to get the cash) and one extra bike lock purchase later, I was on my way home on my new bike.

I like my new bike. Even though I have only ridden it once and have owned it for less than six hours, I am confident in saying that it is the best bike I have ever had. It has a kickstand (which my old one didn’t and I never bothered to buy), it has a pump that sits right on it (and will probably get stolen within a few days), it has cooler gear shifting mechanisms, and it’s blue and not purple. It’s from a brand that I’ve never heard of (Bulls) and apparently the model is just “2005”, and it doesn’t say “RACE PROVEN IN THE USA” and have a little American flag on it like my old bike… but I”m willing to overlook that.

Now if I could only do the same thing with my car…

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