I forgot to post an entry after our last pub quiz two weeks ago. We finished sixth that time, only 4 points away from first place.

Last night though we had a full team (thanks to the addition of Darien) and we started kicking ass right from the beginning. The picture round was movie scenes with the actors erased and we got 10 out of 10 and knew it before we even handed it in. Then on the next three rounds we got 9 out of 10 and knew we were hot.

The music round, which usually kills us, was karaoke tracks of (mainly) pop songs, and we did an unusually good 15 out of 20 points. At this point I was thinking that we could actually win the whole thing (which we have never done), and that it would be a fantastic sendoff for Ann, who was attending her last pub quiz.

We finished with 74 points, our highest point total ever. Unfortunately, there were two other teams who also had an easy time with the movies and pop songs, and we only finished third overall.

However, my analysis at the end of the evening was that we did the best that we could have done, and that we left nothing on the table. Usually we talk ourselves out of at least a few right answers. This time though, we talked ourselves INTO at least two or three right answers just by having that extra person there and by taking our time to really think about our answers. Darien convinced us to go with “right handed” instead of “left” for Mike Tyson, and Ian convinced us that we should re-look at one of the movie scenes (which we did and which I correctly identified as Marathon Man after taking a second look, props to me).

So we had that rare convergence of events where we actually did as well as we possible could have done. All the answers that we could have possibly answered right we did (with maybe one exception). And that’s a good feeling.

Hopefully we will carry on the tradition even after Ann is gone. Darien has to hike down from Scheveningen, so we will need to build our roster to make sure we can have a full team every time.

I’d like to say thank you to my honey baby, who had the idea to do the whole thing from the start. It’s been a lot of fun and we will miss you Ann.

Long live the Table of Contents.

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Julia · April 29, 2006 at 1:05 pm

Dear all over there in Holland,
well, it seems that you do fine – even without me! 🙂 But one the other hand it also seems that Ann and I have been totally replaced already – what a shame!
Well, I am only joking, it is nice to know that the TOC is complete and that we finally reach the goals we always wanted to reach.
Hope everybody’s fine over there and Ann, I hope you are doing fine in USA?

A big hug for all of you, Cheers Julia

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