Wow. I can’t believe I actually pulled it off. I mean, a long time ago I hit upon the realization that most of getting things done is just saying that on such and such a date such and such an activity will take place, and then convincing everyone you are serious, but this was really a surprise.

First, I didn’t have either enough people to effectively pack a house into a rental truck, nor did I have anyone to drive said truck should I actually get it packed. But somehow, after three nights of pre-packing everything I own into boxes, with a crew of four people we were able to pack the whole 15-foot truck full of my stuff in the allotted two hours.

I was impressed. It was just Ian, Stefan, me, and my father in law Andre, who is 57 years old. But we got it all in there. The fun part at the beginning was when I guided Ian with the truck so that he backed it up right under the window of my computer room (illegally I might add since Ian doesn’t have a license, but he does have specialist knowledge that I lack: the ability to drive a stick). Well, Ian maneuvered this thing to within one foot of the side of the building, then we dropped the pneumatic lift at the back (love that Mercedes engineering), and passed all my boxes through the window instead of carrying them all the way around my apartment to go through the front door. It was fun. Like cheating.

Anyway, the four of us get all the books, clothes, furniture (including two sofas and two big beds), and all the heavy-as-all-get-out appliances into this truck in two hours. Right on schedule. We hit the road, drive to the Hague, and just as I had requested in numerous emails, there magically appeared a crew of my poker buddies to help unload this beast. We had seven people unloading the truck, and although we had some drama with the bed frame and the heavy-as-all-get-out appliances being manhandled up two flights of stairs, we managed the entire unloading in one hour.

Then it was time for beers, some sandwiches, and the unglamorous task of putting everything away. Mieke handled putting everything away in the kitchen beautifully (since I have a psychological block when I think about anything to do with the kitchen) and now I have the exact same situation as with my old apartment in Dordrecht: I still have no idea where anything is in the kitchen.

The place is really nice. Has a brand new interior, fresh carpets, wallpaper, kitchen and bathroom. It’s a fair bit small than my Dordrecht place, and I don’t get to see the boats going by, but it was a beautiful day and the tree outside my window was in bloom and the sun was shining and it was a fantastic day for a move.

A very big thank you to all the people who helped me move. Your names are with the engraver as we speak to be put on a plaque to be prominently displayed:

  • Ian (MVP of the move)
  • Andre (thank god you came or there would have been no one to drive the truck)
  • Wouter
  • Jamie
  • Darien
  • John
  • Sasha
  • Mieke
  • Stefan
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