A bit of a frustrating quiz. The questions were all either ridiculously easy, or ridiculously hard. That, combined with the fact that our normal quiz mistriss was absent and was replaced by Goldmember. This dude’s pronunciation was so bad we spent most of the time looking at each other quizzically asking, “What did he say?”

There were at least two rounds where we only scored five. We had many “where is mountain range X” questions which our team moutaineer failed to answer correctly. Worse still, the team mountaineer is also the team physicist and he got the question about electromagnetism wrong (but so did everyone else so it didn’t really matter). He redeemed himself a bit in his capacity as the team Catholic-question-answerer though by getting the flower that is associated with the Virgin Mary (the lily), but then he convinced us that bumblebees had six ears, one in each leg. They actually have no ears, which is obvious when you think about it… they don’t even have brains! How can they process auditory inputs!!! That was almost as bad as the “you can’t trust the maps”…
We did average on the music round (because we got some help from the other teams) and we did average on the picture round (famous people… who apparently are not all that famous) and we ended up tied for 7th place with some ridiculously low score like 60 or 61.

Also, since there is now a preponderance of Haagenaars (people who live in the Hague) on the team, even though we like the people at the Rotterdam pub quiz, it is quite possible that we will try out the quiz in the Hague.

Disappointing that we lost to Alpha (who renamed themselves “Cheaters” and were generally assholes again. Just because a team cheers Michael Bolton like he’s the Messiah doesn’t mean you have to shout “homos”. He happens to be a very talented musician. You assholes.)

Funniest thing is that the team “In je badpak” which translates to “In Your Bathing Suit” had SEVEN people on their team and ended up finally winning a round. Guess they got tired of finishing in tenth place all the time.

Until next time.

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Ching · May 18, 2006 at 3:13 am

This is off topic but I just wanted to compliment you on your layout. I like your interpretation of the Hemmed theme. Very nice!

Brian · May 18, 2006 at 9:37 am

Thanks very much Ching. I loved Hemmed the first I laid eyes on it. I checked out your site, congrats on graduating with honors and good luck with the poker. You’re married to a guy named Brian who likes comic books and computer games. As this sounds eerily familiar I must assume that he is an awesome guy and wish you the best.

See you on the poker tour. If you come through the Hague give a holler. We play no limit Hold Em tournaments every Friday night (almost).

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