Crazy week last week. It was my first week living in the Hague and I never even got home before 11pm any night that week. Friday I had dinner at a friend’s place in the Hague (something that never happened in a year and a half in Dordrecht) and got shown around the town. Found out the locations of: the super market is (right at the end of my street, about 100 yards from my front door), the video store, the hardware shop, a few gyms in the area, and a nice park where I’m told the view is nice in the summer (for the men at least).

Saturday I drove to Belgium to play frisbee in the rain. I actually slept in and missed the first game and it stopped raining just before all the games we played, so there was only one small spell where a particularly malevolent cloud poured on us for about five minutes.

Overall we had a great time. We played three games, all of them decided by one point. We won two and were having  great comeback game against a really good team in our third game, were tied when time ran out, played one more point, scored it, then the goal got called out of bounds, and eventually we lost the point (and the game).

I have to mention here that I saw one of the best diving catches of my 14-year ultimate career performed by Matthijs Havik in that last game. Congrats to you Matthijs, that image of you fully extended with the disc in one hand as you slide out of bounds is burned into my memory. Sorry I tackled you and slapped you so hard on the back after that, but hey, that shit gets me really excited.

The funniest thing is, since Matthijs is like 6’6″ I had told him just a few minutes earlier: “Matthijs, you are so damn tall. You have two jobs. Job number one: get in the endzone! Job number two: catch the disc.”

Then on Sunday I went to the Mauritshuis museum and saw an exhibit they had on three hundred years of how painters interpreted Italy (very interesting). Also got to see my girlfriend with the pearl earring again.

Finished the evening by having my friend Yuro hook my washing machine directly into the wall socket (which required manipulating electricity in ways that I don’t like to think about) and celebrated that fact that for the first time since moving here I can run my washing machine and dryer at the same time by going out for Indian food at Maharani, the best Indian restaurant in the Hague.

Busy busy busy.

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