Yay! Home internet connection is restored!

I had to stare quizzically at the “Do It Yourself” home installation guide from my new internet provider for a bit, since it is all in Dutch, but eventually I got it all working. They sent me a box with a bunch of cables and a modem and a long series of instructions about how you might need to connect the cable from the wall to a special “data filter” and showed me a mind-numbingly confusing series of pictures about the multiple ways you MAY need to attach the data filter.

In the end I just plugged the damn cable directly into the modem, turned it on, and crossed my fingers. Luckily, it didn’t start smoking.

Then I had to install some software on my computer to register my computer with the new ISP. This was especially annoying because they sent me the activation code and password in a separate letter and I had to dig through the various correspondences I have been ignoring (like the electricity bills, water bills, notices about discontinuation of services, etc.) and find the stupid paper. But in the end I triumphed over the bureaucracy and was finally greeted by my MyYahoo! homepage when I rebooted my computer.

So now I can check my email, stocks, performance of my 401k, other email, CNN headlines, and get back to downloading the latest Lost episodes.

Yay for me.

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