Haven’t been posting for a bit because Ian and I were busy trying to convince the CEO of our company to fund our project (which he did, thank you PowerPoint skills and new suits), and then immediately after that Mom and Dad arrived at Schiphol for a weeklong viist. Have been taking them around to see some sights. Amsterdam was fun, the Hague museums, then abandoned them yesterday to spend all day at the beach and at a barbecue/poker tournament hosted by our friends Darien and Magreet (in which I knocked out Ian to put him out at 6th place and then got knocked out fifteen minutes later in 5th place).

Very busy. Lots of pictures to come. Need to learn to be more patient at poker (could have probably come in at least 3rd if I had just waited out the short-stacked players instead of taking foolish risks against the chip leader). Got a nice burn on my back which should calm down tomorrow into a good tan. The weather has been cooperating and Mom has cooked twice now in my kitchen. So far both times have been the best cooking that this place has seen since I’ve been in it (sorry Ian, no offense to your curry chicken dish).

More later, but for the moment have to take care of the rents.

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Mark · July 10, 2006 at 2:54 pm

I have to say, patience was certainly what killed you one recent evening…

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