Ian, my very good friend, bought me this great board game for my birthday. We have been duelling it out with Colonisten for so long, that it was really nice to have a different kind of strategy game to play.

Ticket to Ride

The game is very simple in theory, if a bit clunky in practice. I kept having to ask, “So what are my options now? Can I take one card or two?”. The point is that you get a huge map of the US with different cities marked out over it. There are many routes between the cities, and you have to collect different colored resource cards in order to build routes between various points. You are given a few routes at the beginning which you keep to yourself, and you try to build an unbroken connection between your destination points, while trying to stop other from being able to do the same.

It’s a very fun game and I came in second place the first time we played it (few weeks ago), and last night I came in first, even though I overplayed my hand by telling everyone the game was over because I finished all my routes when that actually isn’t what determines when the game ends.

Annoying, but through my superior intellect I was able to persevere and win the game anyway.


Oh, and Darien & Magreet and John & Shauna(sp?) are poopie heads for not playing.

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