I have been seriously remiss with my posting. Apologies. But as you can see from the photos taken by other people here and here, I have been very busy. Last Saturday I played Ultimate on the beach at Scheveningen from 10:30 until 5:00pm. It was a beautiful sunny day and my team won five straight games in a row before losing to UFO, which is the team from Utrecht that I normally play on.

Recently there has been a push to create a frisbee team in the Hague (where I live), resulting in a bi-lingual Yahoo! Group, and we played together for the first time at this beach tournament. It was a great time, we had a good positive atmosphere, and (most importantly) we played well together. So I hope it keeps up.

Also, we are looking to name the team, and the name that I came up with (Ultimus Prime) is the front runner… so I’m kind of obligated.

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