I was really starting to worry. It was Sunday night and both Guze and I had six of our seven players accounted for. I was up by a score of 76 to 70, but Guze had his quarterback (Rex Grossman) yet to play. I had only my defense yet to play (the Bears D). It was very very tight.

Losing would have meant going down three games to one. Winning would have tied the score. Problem is, in Fantasy Football, quarterbacks generally tend to score more than defenses…

So that’s why Monday night’s performance by Mr. Grossman was so unusual. Now, he’s not the first Fantasy player that we’ve had in the four years of Guze and my FF tradition who has scored negative points… but Rex Grossman threw for only 145 yards (5 points), no touchdowns (0pts), and ran for -7 yards (0pts). In addition to this, Rex Grossman threw four interceptions (-8pts) and fumbled the ball twice (-4pts).

If you do the math (and I have to admit, this is not my strong suit, but luckily we have Excel), Rex Grossman earned Guze -7 points.

On the other hand, my defense, which normally scores between 7 and 10 points, picked up two fumbles and ran them in for TDs, and ran a punt back for a TD, giving me 18 points without the sacks and forced fumbles.

Final score: Brian 99, Guze 63.

Series tied at two all. Do the math.


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