“Are you ready to draft?” Guze asked me.

He had called me internationally to give me one more chance to draft teams for this week’s Fantasy league.

“Um. Well, I haven’t consulted any of my cheat sheet websites… but if you tell me who we both had the last two weeks, I’ll try to do it off the top of my head.” I was cringing as I said this. I actually know nothing about football and Guze actually knows quite a lot, so doing a blind draft really wasn’t in my favor, but after having missed two out of four weeks, I really couldn’t say no.

So Guze read me the names, I wrote them down and stared dumbly at them. Who were these guys? L. Johnson. Who did he play for again?

“Can you tell me who is playing who this weekend?” I asked, thinking that having just a bit more data might inspire some divine intervention.More writing. More staring dumbly at the sheet.

In the end I picked a few big names that were playing at home that I thought had done well in the past (Peyton Manning, Anquon Boldin, some others) and a few that I thougth might do well because my magic 8 ball said so (Hines Ward, Denver, some others). Guze picked a powerhouse lineup and I was sure that it was over before it even started.

On Monday morning I checked the scores. I always start by calculating all of Guze’s points, and then all of mine. That way there’s just a bit more anticipation. When I saw that McNabb and Brian Westbrook had both had monster games, my heart sank. Usually Guze only needs ONE of his picks to have a monster game and it’s over for me. A usual score is somewhere between 70-90. Guze scored 116. Again my heart sank.

But there was a spark of hope when I saw that Peyton Manning threw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. Then I saw that Hines Ward had 171 yards (amazing) and THREE touchdowns. Suddenly I had hope. It was immediately dashed when I saw that my second running back, Lamont Jordan, didn’t even play, but when all was said and done, thanks to the Denver defense, I ended up with a winning score of 122.

Wow. The highest scoring game between Guze and I in four years. And all of the top of our heads.

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