Emmastraat living roomSorry it took so long to post about this, but I now have brand new hardwood floors in my apartment!

Okay, so they’re not really wood. They’re laminate. But they’re painted to look like wood! That has to count for something right?

I never knew what was involved in putting in new floors, and now I wish I could forget. First, Lynn and I had to move all the furniture from the living room into the spare bedroom, my bedroom, and the hallway. Then we had to pull up all the carpet, which is glued to the floor with some nasty gunk that just flakes off everywhere and I’m sure can’t be good for your health to inhale. Then you have to cut the carpet with a special Stanley knife blade, roll it into manageable pieces, and tape it up.

It took us three or four tries at this before I realized that we could roll it with all the nasty gunk on the INSIDE and save our lungs some of the gunk inhalation. What can I say, Mr. Handy I’m not.

Then the guy came to do the flooring, he put it all down, and that night we had to take ALL the stuff we own and put it into the living room. Then repeat the whole carpet-pulling process in the bedrooms and the hallway.

Finally, after the floors were done in the bedrooms the next day, we had to move the bedroom furniture back. Needless to say, our house-slave Ian was very tired at the end of all this moving around. But we gave him a bottle of beer and some pizza and he was fine.

So, now I slide around my apartment in my socks (and sometimes I also wear other clothes), getting ridiculous pleasure from sliding a foot or so on my new laminate floor. It has really brightened the place up, and hopefully by now all the dust particles we stirred up (which is 80% pieces of dead skin Ian told me) are finally gone.

Phase I of the master plan is complete and I will tell you about Phase II when I get a better picture of the new computer table– DAMN! Can’t keep a secret for my life.

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