A video interview with Joe Miller, the founder of Second Life. For my buddy Ian, who first showed me Second Life. And for Mark Lorenc, who first got me into immersive online experiences by introducing me to City of Heroes. I love this stuff. So “sci-fi-comes-to-life”. The stuff of all those paperbacks with the colorful cover art that I read when I was thirteen.

Virtual worlds. It just SOUNDS cool. To be honest, I don’t have an active account in Second Life and have only tooled around in there once and think that it’s very primitive. But at least it’s something. And it will only improve.

Since hearing about the first person to become a ‘virtual’ millionaire, based solely on the value of her virtual assets, and after reading about the experiments that commercial businesses are conducting with creating a presence in the virtual world to deliver real-world goods and services, I am encouraged to believe that the future is bright for virtual worlds, even if they are currently occupied mainly by geeks like Ian.

After all, what’s MySpace but just a low-functionality, 2-D virtual world?

Power to the alpha geeks who will one day rule us as benevolent overlords. I for one welcome them.

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