Wow. This was the closest to an actual birth that I have ever been. I called Darien to get some info about the ski trip that we will be going on in March and after he gave it to me he said, “Oh, by the way, Magreet is in labor.”

Turns out that the labor was extremely short (4.5 hours) and Magreet had the baby even before the midwife arrived! For those of you following from the US, don’t be freaked out (like I was when I first heard about this strange Dutch custom), the Dutch most of the time have their babies at home with just the aid of a midwife. However, since labor generally takes a long time, the midwives usually pace themselves to arrive just when they are needed most.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to deliver your own baby. I give my full respect and support to Darien who said that he saw the baby’s head coming out just as he was on the phone to the midwife. Looks like you and Magreet did an excellent job Dar.
Lynn pointed out that it must be such a special thing today to have a baby born with just the mother and the father there. To have the parents hands be the frist that touch it as it enters the world. You wouldn’t get that in a hospital.

So, here’s to wishing Noa Renée Weiner (born 4:58pm CET on Jan 10, 2007) a healthy and happy rest of her life.

Best wishes for all.

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