The call came on Monday while I was on vacation in France. “I am very happy to inform you that we received the grade from your professor and it was sufficient to allow you to graduate,” said the Registrar of the Rotterdam School of Management.


The problem was that I had missed one of the assignments for my “Leadership” class back in May. I pleaded my case to the “Committee of Examiners”, the secret society who meet twice a year to determine the fates of all degree candidates, and who hear the pleas of tardy cases like mine. They met in mid-February. A week later I was told “Do the paper, hand it in within two weeks. If you get a seven on it, you graduate.”

I handed the paper in on the deadline, all 73 pages of it. I got the call last Monday, and today I am changing my profile on LinkedIn to remove the “candidate” from in front of my “MBA”.

Two years. Forty thousand Euros. Thousands of pages later. I am now officially a Master of Business Administration.


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jenn · March 19, 2007 at 2:18 pm

Congratulations Brian! That’s really great news.

Ian R · April 17, 2007 at 9:04 am

Brian, well done. Indeed one hell of an assignment. Pity you chose to go somewhere to break your hand instead of celebrating your graduation, but hey priorities :-))

Looking forward to your comments on the US security and the benefit of having a police force (and citizens) with lots guns etc.

Ian R. (the dane)

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