Ahmadinejad and Ground Zero

It’s been a long time since I wrote about something I saw on the news, but this one hit a nerve. This guy really pisses me off, and even years after 9/11 it’s still a sensitive subject for me, so hearing that Iran’s nutcase president (who has implied that the Read more…

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Photoset on Flickr.  So Lynn and I came back last Sunday from a week vacation in Sicily. I have to say, I’m glad we went there, the weather was beautiful, the food was pretty good, but overall, Sicily was a bit disappointing. We booked a nice hotel (Baia Taormina | Read more…

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This is why it’s important to hang around people younger than you. Jamie, one of Lynn’s two charming sons (who were staying with us this week) introduced me to a new board game. He actually showed it to me when he was here last time, but since I lost my Read more…

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