This is why it’s important to hang around people younger than you.

Jamie, one of Lynn’s two charming sons (who were staying with us this week) introduced me to a new board game. He actually showed it to me when he was here last time, but since I lost my game-bitch Ian in February, I had to wait until he came back before I could play again.

 The game is a strategy board game like chess, but it is much simpler to learn (since all pieces have the same moving options) and at the same time more complicated. There’s a nicely-functional (if a bit low-budget on the design) Flash based site where you can play: There’s even a little animated Flash tutorial that you can watch to learn the rules in ten slides.

I hope I can get someone to take me up on this. The site has a gameroom where you can play people remotely, so maybe one of my more daring and intelligent friends will be willing to give it a shot.

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