I thought this was a wonderful little movie. It’s a great fantasy coming of age story that is firing on all cylinders. First of all, it looks beautiful, the production design is top notch. Second, it’s filled with great actors who all deliver, especially Deniro and Pfeiffer. Third, the story is very well thought out and there are many little touches that work together to reinforce the creation of this magical world.

If there is a complaint that can be had, it is that the development of the love story is a little unbelievable. First, the main character, Tristan, is a bit unsympathetic because his primary goal is to kidnap a fallen star (in the form of Claire Daines) to bring back to his bimbo crush (Sienna “Hot as Hell” Miller) so that she will marry him. The fact that he’s smitten with such a manipulative airhead reduces your opinion of the lead, and his rather callous treatment of Yvaine (the fallen star) makes it hard to root for him.

But, if you’re willing to buy into the whole premise of a magical world butting up against nineteenth century England, then I suppose you can forgive a few small character flaws.

Overall, the story keeps its logical integrity throughout the very rapid journey through Stormhold, and the movie is sure to please any real fantasy lover.

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