I have the TV on in the background because I love to pretend that I can multi-task. I was flipping through the channels to get to CNN (which somehow I find comforting to have on in the background) and came across a group of skinny, bald white guys with neat little boy-band chin-strap beards, large sunglasses, rapping their hearts out with wild arm gestures in German on MTV.

First, I guess it’s heartwarming to see that the Germans have enough of a domestic music scene to have their own MTV (and not have to play only American stuff) and to be able to fill it with more than just Danzig and David Hasselhoff (long live the Hoff).

Second, there is nothing weirder than watching skinny white guys rap in German.

Unless it’s watching skinny white guys rap in Dutch. Which I have seen. With my own eyes. Swear it.

Which strangely, fills me with nostalgia.

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Jim · January 16, 2008 at 8:57 pm

How is “skinny white guys rap in German” or “skinny white guys rap in Dutch” that much more disconcerting that skinny white guys rapping in American… er… English(?)?

Jasper · January 29, 2008 at 11:39 am

Do I understand correctly that you prefer the German rap over the Dutch???

Your place in the upper west side (snob) looks good. Small, but of good quality.

It was great meeting you again in NY.
Perhaps we’ll meet again end of March.

Cheers Jasper

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