Bad Economics

I’m no economist, but I play one in my mundane white-collar fantasies. My economist alter-ego is full of facts and figures, knows the names of economic principles and when they were articulated, can spout off long streams of financial vocabulary on command, and, of course, knows everything. In my dreams, Read more…

By Brian, ago

Who’s the Man

I am of course. Well, with a little help from my friend Mark Lorenc, who has been graciously hosting my site for free for the past four years. As all good things do, the free hosting had to come to an end when Mark had to move from New Jersey Read more…

By Brian, ago

YouTube Faves

So recently I found myself highlighted in a video that someone put on YouTube of a Rock Band party they were having. I was playing guitar on a few tracks, pretty much shredding it. Yeah. I rocked. I’m also pretty good with a bo-staff. (No, I’m not going to post Read more…

By Brian, ago