So, yeah, it’s awesome.

I just finished it tonight. This is the best horror game since Doom 3 came out and blew everyone’s mind with the awesome use of sound and light to scare the crap out of you. The monsters were fantastically disgusting, and dying was made into a really really bad experience with the level of gruesomeness your character endured every time he died. There was dismemberment, multiple stabbings, neck-chomping, and my favorite, being crushed by the blast doors when you accidentally do like Hans Gruber and “shoot ze glass”, causing explosive decompression.

The gameplay mecahnics were good, the weapons were interestingly varied and fun to figure out. I only used about six of the nine or ten possible. The missions in zero gravity were especially fun. The voice acting was good. But the most beautiful thing about the game is the look and feel of the levels: I didn’t think you could get such details and lighting outside of a Japanese-made game. Really a great job.

Highly recommend this one.

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