So yesterday we stopped snowboarding a bit early and, after Darien brought Joanneke back from getting her new cast (turns out her leg is broken), we went to the brand spanking new “Tauren Spa“.

Now, I’m no connoisseur of European spas, so I have no frame of reference, but I had a pretty strong suspicion that there was going to be some nakedness involved. And I was also pretty sure that Robyn was not going to be cool with that. Turns out, peer pressure works really well. And once the fateful moment passed where we had to hang our towels up on the rack and enter the sauna, wearing nothing but our birthday suits, all barriers were removed.

The sauna, like most European nude beaches, was populated mostly by old dudes, and old fat chicks, but there was a funny moment when we entered one of the dry saunas (there were like five different varieties of sauna rooms to be had) which was occupied by three naked Dutch chicks, who didn’t know that we had two Dutch speakers with us. After they left, Margreet told us they were talking about us, saying that we seemed uncomfortable and that it was probably our first time. Well, they were right about at least half of that!

In any case, walking around naked is an exercise in constant self-reinforcement, but SWIMMING naked is pretty damn fun. Especially when you go in the heated pool outside and watch the sun go down behind the snow-capped mountains.

My main gripe with the place wasn’t the enforced nudity, but that we went there to get some relaxation for our sore muscles and they did not have a hot tub. Not one jacuzzi. In the whole damn place. What the hell kind of brand new spa, whose clientele are mainly sore skiers and snowboarders, doesn’t have a hot tub!



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