So I was looking for a good FPS to transport me into a fantasy realm where I am powerful and use my superpowers (and many many guns) to kill bad guys, and I saw the TV ads for Crysis 2 and thought “perfect”.

However, when I started playing I learned that you quickly die in the initial stages if you don’t master the stealth aspect of the game. Which is bad for me. I’ve never been one for stealth games. I tried almost every installment of the Metal Gear franchise unsuccessfully, which annoyed me. I hate sucking at things.

But I stuck with it and finally the game added “armor mode” which allowed me to just plow through guys. But then a strange thing happened. Once I mastered the stealth aspect I loved it. I loved sneaking up on unaware CELL troops, stabbing them through their throats, remaining cloaked, then running for cover to recharge my stealth energy.

Overall the game has very nice graphics, good game mechanics, an extremely average but well-executed storyline, visually interesting levels that keep you entertained enough not to care too much that pretty much the whole game is the same thing. There are a few vechicle driving missions, but they are short and you can actually get by without actually driving the vehicles if you don’t want.

I have to say, one of the catchiest parts of the game is the theme music, which for some reason is just haunting and since I hear it every time I turn on or off the game, I can’t escape humming it repeatedly when I finally have had enough mindless violence and decide to quit for the evening.

Overall, I recommend it.

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