We had a great time visiting with Darien, Margreet, Sena, and Noa in their beautiful house in Wassenaar, Netherlands. It’s a great feeling, to know that you can go back to a place that was special at a time in your life, and there are still people there that a) like you enough to let you stay in their house and b) still make it feel special.

My parents did this on a number of occasions, took us on short weekend trips where we stayed with friends of theirs. I was to young to appreciate at the time exactly what it meant to be able to see someone after years of being apart and think, “Oh, I really missed this person.”

Another added bonus of this trip was that it was the first time that Sydney really started walking (see video), our little baby is now walking around like she’s a real person (or something). It’s a great milestone and we are preparing ourselves for the increase in exercise that we are going to get from chasing her around.

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