Pictures from our Florida vacation in late August are now up on Flickr.

14936908584_7b49c86ebc_zWe had a great relaxing time in Florida. Yes, it was extremely hot, but that also meant that we were able to do some fun outdoor activities, like playing in the splash park, right near the beach in Ormond.

We celebrated the birthdays of both Robyn and Emma (who had a fully “Frozen” themed party complete with themed cake, princess costume, decals for the walls, and a bouncy castle in the backyard. We got to see a ton of family, meet both Addison Nielsen and Jonathan Feany Jr. for the first time (both adorable). We ate extremely well, had fantastic sushi twice, as well as a meal at McKenna’s Place (the Russian Rueben Bites were new and delicious).15558502932_4432ff5c8c_z

Mike and Janet’s house on the intercoastal waterway is absolutely gorgeous, with a view that can’t be beat, and we made good use of both the pool and the jacuzzi. One of the things that always strikes me when I go back to the US after being abroad for some time is how comfortable the living can be (if you have the money for it).

15557629445_c50ed8c083_zI’m not talking millions, I’m talking just plain old middle class to upper middle class. The hosues are bigger than in Europe. They have air conditioning. The kitchens are full of appliances and you never need to worry about whether or not your fridge will fit all the food you bought at the grocery store. The entertainment centers include gigantic flat-screen TVs with various black boxes that require numerous remote controls. We haven’t even had the ability to record TV, or cable, for the past two years, so we forget what it’s like.

No doubt about it, there is no country on the planet that is more capable of providing comfortable living than the United States of America. I admit, when I go back, I get a little jealous.

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