I know, I know, this is only my second contribution to our blog…After someone called me a slacker (you know who you are), I decided that it was time to start cranking out another contribution. So I will tell you how the future America specialists celebrated the end of their first exam session.

Our last exam was US History on January 31st. I was not only looking forward to handing in my exam papers, but also to our little “After Exams Dinner” that was to take place that evening. I was looking forward to an opportunity to finally sit down with my fellow (but oh so much younger) students in an environment where I wouldn’t have to feel nervous about Professor Chew calling my name.

Canan, a Belgian student from a Turkish family, invited us all to her mom’s restaurant L’Heure Locale in Koekelberg. We were about 25 people (or was I seeing double?). We had a delicious buffet of Turkish vegetarian dishes (the stuff that makes Brian go green), followed by a main dish of real Turkish French Fries and chicken and meat. It was all very yummy, and I stuffed myself silly, which is not out of the ordinary when I am in a relaxed mood and talking everyone’s ears off.

So what were my highlights of the evening?

– George imitating a cat (I mean really well!!)
– Frederic being a master in making girl’s breasts look bigger when operating a camera
– The girls’ gossiping about good looking men
– Catherine trying to figure out who Ruben was, and then Thomas
– Being the cause of Floris’ hearing problem
– Finding out that the Walloon dictionary has 17 volumes
– Utku being really disappointed about his one meatball (no further comments)
– Tim and Niel contemplating when it was better to dump the girlfriend
– Kasper calling me ZOT (a nut case) for the second time this semester (??)
– Trying to figure out where exactly Clara lived, apparently she wasn’t quite sure herself
– Making my way back to the Central Station with 3 personal bodyguards

Anyway, I would say that we need to organize another social event. This was way too much fun. I am looking forward to the next semester, one without incorporation (if I hear that word one more time…), checks and balances, cash crops, Addison’s disease, the tyranny of the majority, enumerated powers, blablabla…

I rest my case.

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