I take back what I said about it never snowing in the Netherlands.

I take it back because I am sitting on a train instead of a plane. My flight from Frankfurt back to Amsterdam was cancelled because of a snowstorm that was working its way across “the Continent”.

I luckily got onto an ICE (InterCity Express for those of you unfamiliar with European train services) from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. That’s three and a half hours, and then I have to get from Amsterdam home, because I have to go to my Dutch class since I missed it on Monday and I’m missing the next three classes due to my ski trip to Jackson Hole.

* * *
I missed my class though. The train got in at around 8:40 and thanks to Murphy’s law, there were no taxis. I trudged through the snow, dragging my suitcase, looking around at the (mostly) deserted snow-covered streets and trying to keep my balance in my treadless work shoes.

Dordrecht is fairly pretty when covered under a blanket of snow. I just wish I had remembered to wear two pairs of socks.

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