So last night, while playing Ticket to Ride, I learned an important lesson that I think has applications on the world political stage.

When you gang up with the other players at the table, and you screw one of the players so that he can’t make any of his routes (which, at first sounds like a reasonable tactic), make sure you do it late enough in the game that the person doesn’t just sit around stalking you like a crazy ex-girlfriend, waiting for you to build and then buying up any and all of the routes that might look like they could help you just because they want to be a spoiler.

When you screw someone so totally that they don’t have any incentive to keep trying to play the game according to the intended rules, it may just backfire on you and cause you to come in second to last out of five players.

The lesson is, if you’re going to screw somebody that totally… make sure your own strategic position is secure first. Or you will sit around the entire rest of the game saying, “Damn you Ian! Stop building senseless links of rail just to get in my way!”

Second to last. Embarressing that is.

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